So you want to work with us?

A nice choice indeed, but please allow me to tell you some DOs and DON’Ts:

  1. You should NEVER EVER miss a deadline or another commitment. If you say you’re going to do something, you will do it.
  2. You are responsible for everything in your projects unless someone else inside the company said he was taking care of it EXPLICITLY. So, for example, if you’re designing our business cards you should also take care of the printing and everything needed to have those ready on our desks. Or if you ask someone to do something you also have to check he actually does it. Things need to get done, take care of it at any cost. Or: you can never feel “that’s not my job”.
  3. No office politics. Does this really need to be explained? We are a small startup company, who needs politics?
  4. Be calm and relaxed with coworkers, providers and clients. If something needs to be told, do it, but never with anger.
  5. Bring your manager solutions, not problems. As a manager I don’t want to hear about yet another problem, please tell me how would you solve it instead – or better just fix it already. When in doubt, do it.
  6. Be creative and think about new things, we don’t want to work with mindless zombies. We are willing to pay a nice premium for people that create new value, not just execute orders.
  7. Be bold, having done something that went incredibly bad isn’t a fireable offense – never taking initiative is. If you aren’t failing often, you aren’t trying hard enough.
  8. Lying and cheating ARE fireable offenses. Also, we don’t do evil.
  9. You will be asked to have responsability you might have never had before. You are expected to grow professionaly and be able to manage people that are doing your job in one year from now.
  10. The company should be your first priority when you are working. It’s totally fine to take breaks, weekends, etc – but when you are working there is one thing that should be on the top of your head: the company. Because this is what makes us so succesful and people working here happy.
  11. If you’re explaining something to someone and he doesn’t get it, it’s your fault, not his or hers. Be articulate in your writing and speaking, go straight to the point without wasting time or being chaotic.
  12. We hire smart & get things done, just one of the two is not enough to join. So if you are not an overachiever you probably won’t be asked to join.
  13. We want you to be happy more than everything else because this keeps us happy aswell. So please if you are not happy voice your concerns as soon as possible (or be prepared to be asked to leave if you disrupt other people’s morale).

To the fellow entrepreneurs in the community, feel free to use this for your own employee and contractors – promoting great work ethic is for sure a task we truly support.

Any more guide lines you’d like to see in your own workplace? Tell us in the comments!

Up-to-date version here.

Dicono di noi

Il sito che vi ho commissionato è molto funzionale e semplice da usare e visitare come vi avevo espressamente richiesto. Sono molto soddisfatto.

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Dicono di noi

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